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Friends today we Google map se paise kaise kamaye We will get information about it. Most people will not know the trick of making money from Google Map and they can only use it limited.

But in this post today we will give you Google map Let’s show you the easy way to make money from the app. Google map is an application that is found in everyone’s mobile phone even today.

Big cities, in big cities, people cannot survive without it. With the help of Google map, we make our travel experience good and make our life easier.

Google map not only shows us the right path but now we can also earn a lot of money with the help of Google map. There are lots of opportunities available to earn money on Google map which we will tell you in this post. So let’s be the first to know what is a Google map and how does it work?

Google map kya hai?

Friends, Google Map is an application whose parent company Google Is the same. With the help of this app, people reach their destination without wandering.

Google map is a type of navigation software, which shows us the way with the help of satellite. With its help, we can reach our dream destination without asking anyone.

Every necessary location is marked on Google Map which is required by us, such as petrol pump, ATM, Hotel, Restaurant, Club, Coffee Shop, School, Medical Store etc.

If you are in some place where you do not have an acceptable information of any location, then you can reach there with the help of Google Map.

Google map tells you the distance from 1 point to another point and the time of arrival and which route is the traffic and also how long it will take.

Can I earn money from Google map?

Yes friends, money can be earned from Google map, and that too can be easily earned.

There are two to three best ways to earn money on Google map, using which people are earning thousands of millions of rupees a month. With proper way and a little hard work, you can earn a lot of money from Google Map.

To earn money from Google Map, you have any type of Investment Or there is no need to invest money. You can earn money from Google map without any investment and money.

You have only one to earn money from Google Map Mobile Phone and Imternet Connectivity are required. Apart from these two things, you do not have to spend money on a single extra thing.

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How to make money with Google MapThe

There is some limited way to earn money from Google Map but it is also quite successful, you can also make a lot of money by using these methods. We are going to tell you about three successful ways to earn money from Google Map here.

1. Earn money by adding people on Google map

Friends, as we all will know that every important location on Google map is Mentioned and people track it.

Any shop, school, medical store, restaurants like location is on Google map, its owner benefits. When your shop or business If you are on Google, then you can gather more and more customers. That is why it is important to have location mentions on Google Map.

In such a situation, if you contact people and do the work of adding their shop or business to Google Map, then you can earn a lot of money.

Every person wants to get more and more profit and client, in such a situation, if you add their business to Google Map then they will benefit from it. You can charge ₹ 500 to ₹ 1000 from each buisness owner to add their business to Google Map.

Most of the people in the cities are knowledgeable and add their business to Google map by themselves so that they can get more and more clients. But this is not the case in rural areas.

You can tell people this offer by going to the shop or office. Most people will not refuse you because they will only profit after having a business ad on Google Map. To do this work you have to meet one to one from the buisness owners and they have to be converted.

In this way, where you manually charge them to add their business to Google Map, you will also be given points through Google Map.

When you add people’s business on Google map, then Google map will get better. Google Map gives users a few points that help improve the app.

These points are called flight tickets, movie tickets, shopping Or can redeem in many other things.

2. Make money by becoming a local guide

If you work to improve the services of Google map, then Google Map will give you some points which are quite valuable.

And with this you can spend for your need. On Google map, you can earn a lot of points by becoming a local guide, which will be very useful for you.

Steps to become a local guide on Google map

Step 1. Login to Google map with your gmail

First of all, you have to get the latest version of Google Map Play store Or update from app store. Open the application and associate it with your GMail account.

Step 2. Go to profile

After this you click above your profile at the top of the right side and tap on become a local guide.

Step 3. Mention your city

After this, you have to add your city and location, to be a guide on Google Map, you must be at least 18 years of age. After reading the terms and conditions thoroughly, I proceeded by clicking on agree.

Srep 4. Rate places to earn ratings

Now you have become a local guide on Google Map, after this, share some good things and experience about any place you will visit.

According to your experience, you also have to give that place a rating. Google Map will reward you for these reviews and you will be given lots of points which you can redeem very easily.

3. Earn money by becoming a tourist guide

Every tourist destination has been mentioned on Google map, in such a way, you can study about that place well with the help of Google Map.

All important places on Google map Wikipedia There are add-ons from which you can become a tourist guide by collecting information.

If you will tell foreign or domestic tourists about the place with the help of Google Map, then they pay you by the hour. This method is considered the best way to earn money in big cities.

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Friends, you must have understood by now Google map se paisa kaise kamaye Let’s go. You can also earn a lot of money by using Google map.

We hope you enjoy this post of ours. If you found this post helpful and informative, then definitely share it with your friends.

Thank You!

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