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Friends, do you also want to advertise your business or any of your products, today we will Advertisement kaise kare in hindi Will get information about

The promotion and propagation of any plan or business is done only to earn profit. Advertisement allows products and business to be delivered to more people in less time. You can achieve your set target through advertisement in very less time.

To any business Profit Or to be successful, there should be a large number of clients and customers. When the number is more, more people will be able to access your product and service.

To increase business reach to more and more people, advertisment of business is very important.

Friends, it is very important to draft a business before its advertisment. To make a small advertisement, you have to do a lot of research and development.

The advertisment of your business should be in such a way that it leaves more impact on the people in a short time, so that people get inspired and connect with you.

In today’s post, we will tell you how you should prepare a perfect advertisement for your business. And what are the important things you have to take care of.

There are many types of advertisements which are made for different purpose. Let’s first know that advertisment kya hai in hindi.

Friends, Advertisement is called advertisement in Hindi which simply means to make any product or service reach to as many people as possible.

Many mediums to advertise are available in today’s time like Print Media, Electronic Media, Digital Media. All these methods are helpfull in promoting any product or business.

The motive to advertise is to attract the customer only and only. When your business will reach more and more people, then you will not have a shortage of customers, so you can earn a lot of money with the help of advertising.

There are many sources of advertisement, which you can choose according to your need and budget. Friends, you can also advertise your business through newspaper or news paper. Because newspapers Studies are done in every corner of the country.

With Newspapers, you can connect a lot of audiences with your business, although it is a bit expensive but it is very effective. In this era of Internet, even if you have a low budget, you can still advertise your business. Google And Facebook Can be done through

Friends, a good advertisement is called the one who can talk more with the audience in the shortest possible time. This advertisement created by you should not be boring to the public.

You must definitely include some interesting input in your ad so that the public will be affected by your ad and have interest in connecting with you. To create a profitable ad, you should elaborate the key features of your product in an intersting way, so that the public will be ready to buy the product.

Friends, a lot of people want to know that apne buisness ki marketing kaise kare? So while making the advertisement, you should not conpromise with the government’s policy and terms and conditions.

Before you create your ad, get a good script prepared for it, which does not offend anyone under any circumstances. You should avoid commenting on relegion, caste, creed, sex, community.

Your ad should be made with catchy headlines that draw people’s attention to you. Friends now know advertisement kaise likheThe

1. Advertisement should look as customers problem solving tool

Friends, to make any advertisement great, first of all you should pay special attention to this first step. Any person will be associated with your business only when they see their benefit in it.

That is why your effort should always be that you can show through your ad that your product will bring a good change in their life.

You have to show through your business ad that how your product will solve their problem, that too at low and economical prices. Your Ad should be made in such a way that you can quickly highlight the positive specs of the product. Your advertisement should look absolutely real and authentic.

2. Do not be limited to just keywords.

Friends, as we have already told you that the specialty of a good ad is that it has some catchy headlines or taglines that attract public attention towards your ad.

Whenever it comes to good tagline, most people are limited to keywords, most of the time these keywords are boring and do not look good to read. That is why you should use a tagline that looks good to read and see.

Friends, we are not telling you not to use keywords in your ad. Because it is very important to have keywords to come on top in the search engine, if you are advertising online.

You also have to use keywords in your ad but do not write it as it is, you will have to do a little bit cutomisation in the tagline of your advertisement.

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3. Use emotional triggers.

Friends, the special thing of a good and profitable advertisement is that it has facts and figures as well as some emotional angle, which makes it very easy to connect the public with you.

It has been seen in a survey that all the successful ads made in India till date have some emotional trigger. The people of India have always been considered emotional. Emotions create motivation in the mind of the public, so that people connect with you easily.

Friends, when you put a little Feeling and emotions in your advertisement, then it will put a very good impression on people from the point of view of business. You can create these emotions by keeping the age group of your target audience in mind.

Because different feeling is found in everyone at every age. People listen to their logic as well as feelings of their mind before reaching any conclusion. That is why whenever you create your ad, include an emotional angle in it.

4. Focus more on the benefits and not on the features

Friends, whenever you are preparing an advertisement for your company’s product, then you should keep in mind that, you should focus more and more on the benefits and not on the features of that product.

Many times it happens that during advertising we tell so many features that we forget to tell its benefits. In such a situation, the public does not see any benefit from this and does not want to associate with your product.

For example, if you are selling a diabetes insulin, then the customer does not have much meaning with your brand, name, logo, design, boring features.

He only has to know the specialty of the product, so that his diabetes can be removed. That is why whenever you get your ad made, you must take care that you do not waste much time in making features, but also get its benefits counted.

5. Must use FOMO.

Friends, FOMO Means fear of missing out. This term has a lot of use in the world of advertising, and all the creators pay special attention to it.

You have to make your advertisement in such a way that the public gets so much involved in it that it feels that they should not miss anything. The content of your promotion should be such that it is fast but the intersting should be the same.

Types of Advertising in hindi

Friends, you have already learned how to advertise. But where is the Ad of your product, many people do not know this. Therefore, we are going to tell you about all the types of Ads. You can run Ads on any of these platforms.

1. Traditional Advertising

Print Advertising

Friends, print advertising is a great way to get your company name out through a newspaper, magazine, periodical or a flyer.

Television Advertising

The best way to show a product in front of people for over 50 years TV Ads have been. Even today, many big companies continue to sell their products by running TV ads.

Radio Advertising

Only audio is used in this advertisement. This method is used a lot more than a few years ago. But nowadays due to Internet, less people do advertement here.


Billboards means setting up big holdings in cities. It is also used by many people.

2. Digital Advertising

Social Media Advertising

In today’s time, the best and most used method of advertisement is social media advertising. you WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and twitter You can advertise your product by using platforms like.

Search Engine advertising

In today’s time every business owner needs SEO. This is the best way to reach your product to as many people as possible.

Mobile advertising

Friends, everyone uses mobile nowadays. Therefore, ads are also run on it. This may include sms ads, app ads, website ads.


Nowadays more conversions and sells are done than websites. Therefore popups ads are always run on them.

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Friends, we all will know that a good advertisement helps you in business in many ways whether it is brand image or product differentiation, advertisement is helpful everywhere. To increase the sales of any business, the name of that company should be on the people’s tongue, which is done through advertisements only.

We hope you find this post of ours Advertisement kaise kare in hindi Would have liked, and you would have known that apne buisness ki marketing kaise kareThe If you liked this post of ours, then definitely share it with your friends.

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