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Friends, a lot of people don’t know that tv channel paise kaise kamate hai. And people also want to know whether we too TV You can earn money by starting the channel or not.

Friends, TV is one of the best entertainment device. Which we have been seeing since our childhood. TV has become a different place in our life. There will hardly be any person in the whole world who has not yet watched TV.

In today’s time, which TV is available in almost every house. TV has become a part of almost every household. On TV we can watch cartoons, serials, movies, news, music and many more.

Earlier, only two HO channels were seen on TV, one DD National and the other DD News. But in today’s time, a lot of channels are available on TV. Today we are tired of changing the channels of TV from remote but the channels do not end. You can watch your favorite channel by paying money.

Friends, all of us must have thought while watching TV how these TV channels would get money or how they earn money. So in today’s post, we will talk about it only.

TV channel paise kaise kamate hai

Friends, all of us on TV News, Movie, Cricket match or watch serial. And while watching these programs, some advertisements are shown in between. To show these advertisements on TV, the TV channels with advertisements give money to the people.

If you see the example, then understand that there is a soap company, then they will pay money to a TV channel to show their advertisements. These advertise can be from 5 to 30 seconds. Advertisement The longer it is, the more money it will have to pay to the TV channels.

Friends, the earnings of these TV channels are not fixed. Their entire revenue is through advertisements only. And the rate of advertisement keeps decreasing more according to the time. Meaning every channel has different rate of showing ads at different times.

If you talk in the morning, then people watch news channels more in the morning. People rarely watch serial and movies. So the rate of advertisement on the news channel is higher in the morning.

If we talk about the evening, then in the evening people watch both serials and news. So the rate of advertisement is same on both channels in the evening. At night, the rate of advertisements of the serialized channels is very high.

How much money do TV channels make?

Friends, you have come to know that the TV channel earns through advertisements. But how much money a TV channel makes depends on the rate of its advertisement. There is no fixed rate for any channel.

If you think that a channel takes Rs 1 lakh to show 10 second ads, then it will take 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees to show 15 second ads. And will take 50 thousand rupees for 5 second ads. Friends now know that new channel kaise banaye.

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Apna TV Channel kaise banaye

Friends, if you also want to earn money by starting your own TV channel. So you have to follow some steps. Because it was quite easy to start your own TV channel earlier.

But in today’s time it has not been so easy to start the channel by following the instructions of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. You have to start your own TV channel by following the guideline that came in 2014.

Friends, you will know that some TV channels are run by the government and most of the channels are private. And this private company keeps on launching new TV channels with new ideas and strategies.

Friends, before starting a TV channel, you have to select the TV transmission mode. There are two types of TV trasmission mode: Conventional and Modern Broadcasting Systm.

Analog Terrestrial TV in Conventional System, Digital Satellite Includes TV and Cable TV.

Modern broadcasting systems include Digital terrestrial TV, Video on demand and Internet TV channels.

You can select any of these TV transmission modes according to your requirement.

Budget to start TV Channel

Friends, starting TV channel a little bit business It is not like starting. This is a very big project. The budget of the TV channel depends on the type of your TV channel.

Friends, the TV channel can only start a company with a network of at least 5 crore rupees. And if you want to open a news channel, then your network should be at least 15 to 20 crore for this.

If you or your company fulfills these conditions, then you can apply for the license of the TV channel. And licence You have to start your own TV channel within 1 year after getting it.

How to apply for TV Channel License

Friends, the process of starting a TV channel in India can vary depending on the type of channel. But the main process is the same. So let’s know step by step how to register a TV channel.

1. An uplink hub is required to start a TV channel. In this, you have to tell your agenda to start the channel. After this, you have to work in office with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

2. Friends, if you get the permission of uplifting the TV channel, then you can show your TV channel to any viewer of the world. To do this, you or your company have to apply in the relevant ministry.

3. And when you get the affidative, then your form is sent for Security Clearance and Satellite Use clearance. After all the important clearances, the company that opens the TV channel is given the permission of Uplink. Only then you can use this facility.

4. If you want to start a news channel, then its Uplinking The process of taking licence may be slightly different. The process mentioned earlier also has to be done, but apart from this, a NOC is also required after clearance.

5. After doing all this, many types of forms have to be submitted for the permission of shareholding pattern and content of the TV channel.

Friends, now let’s talk about contracts. You have to sign a contract with a lot of organization when you start a TV channel.

In this, the first contract you have to do with the government that runs the entertainment industry.

Then you also have to sign a contract with Broadcaster. And both of these also have to be renewed after the contract fix period. Apart from this, aggrement is also done with the producer and contest owner of TV shows.

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Friends, India currently has over 900 satellite TV channels. If you also want to be a part of this TV world, then you must have smart vision, big budget and a different concept from others.
As you would know, today TV channel is available in every niche. There are separate channels for Yoga, separate recipes, different channels for Music and Movies. In today’s time, even regional language has its own separate channels. Meaning you have a lot of Sarai Possibility to be a success in this field.

Friends, if you get this article of ours TV channel paise kaise kamate hai And khud ka tv channel kaise banaye If you like it, then share it with your friends.

Thank you!

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