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Friends, Bina Padhe Likhe Paise Kaise Kamaye This is the question that a lot of you have in mind. So, today we are going to give you a very good information about this.

If you have not been able to study for any reason. And now you are upset because of what you should do. So this article is for you only. I want to say this with a claim that after reading this article you will definitely find some way.

There is complete truth in this that you can do a lot without writing. A lot of people have earned not only money without writing but also names. Even today, people are very successful without writing and are also living their life.

See, I am not claiming to be a millionaire at all. But if you listen to me carefully then you can definitely get a good way to earn money.

The literacy rate of our country is 75-85% and there are still many people who are not very educated. In such a situation, if they do not get employment, then their life will be difficult as well as the unemployment rate of our country will also increase. For this, we have to earn money by doing something.

Bina Padhe Likhe Paise Kaise Kamaye

It is not that you cannot earn money without studying. Today, we have come up with some ways that by doing this you can get employment and make a good income. Let’s talk Paisa Kaise Kamaye In Hindi about.

1) Fast food stall

First of all, you have to see what you know to make. And if a little bit comes, then you can learn by working with someone. You will understand everything well in 6 months. See, for applying a fast food stall, you should make 4-5 things like: – chowmin, burgers, momos, tikkis etc.

It will not take much time to learn to make them all. Now you should know where to put the stall. Seeing a good place, you have to decide where to put your stall. Just you have to see some place where people start coming.

Talk about the expenses incurred in this, then it may take 70-80 thousand rupees to do all this. There is one thing that I want to tell you that to do any business related to food, you FSSAI Registration has to be done in India and Permission has to be taken from them.

2) By selling vegetables

Selling vegetables is a very popular job in India. If you give your customer good and fresh vegetables, then they will buy vegetables from you everyday. Because everyone wants that they get good vegetable at low rate.

Whenever I buy vegetables myself, I see whether the vegetable is fresh or not. If you give a good vegetable to the person in front, then you have every right to give the same rate at which you are giving the vegetable. If they like your vegetables, they will not reduce the rate on your vegetables.

It is a matter of selling vegetables, so look at any place where people keep coming and can take vegetables from you. Also, if you take a small car then it is better than that. You can bring vegetables from the mandi with the help of a hawker and can also sell in the locality. You will never incur loss in vegetable business. Because everyone buys vegetables and purchases everyday.

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3) By selling tea

Many people have reached a very good place by selling tea, so do not consider this work at all small. You can get a good income by selling tea. It costs about 5-6 rupees to make a cup of tea and a cup of 10 rupees is sold.

To sell you a tea gas cylinder, Stove and tea making ingredients required. Now you see how much tea you can sell for the day. The more cups of tea you sell, the more profit you will make. You can keep your luggage near a bus stand. From where you will have ease in making tea.

Otherwise, a better option is that you can keep your goods anywhere and keep the tea in a big kettle and sell it and come back and make tea again. And if you have money to invest, you can also buy a small shop.

4) By becoming Security Guard

You can also earn money by becoming a Security Guard. There is no work to read and write in this job. You just have to look after Security. You can earn up to 15,000 rupees per month by doing this job.

As you get experience. Your income increases. Security Guard does not have to do much. Wherever you will be a security guard, you will have to keep an eye on the people coming to the place and you will have to ask for their name, address, etc. on their entry.

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5) Business of Plant Nursery

The business of Plant Nursery can prove very beneficial for you. You do not even need to take separate land to do nursery business. You can start it at a very small level.

You can start from your village house to any small place in the city. Now comes the experience, so you can take its experience from anywhere. You just have to give a little time to do this work. And plants have to be carefully guarded.

If you do not do this, then there is also the risk of your business going bad. Every kind of plant needs a different climate to thrive. By climate, I mean that if one plant needs more sun, then another plant needs less sun.

If a plant thrives in less water, the other plant gets melted by adding more water. This is the reason that I am telling you that in this work you have to take more care. You do not even need to invest much money in this work. Even if you start from a very small level, you can make a good income.

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By reading this post you must have got quite a few ideas. Many of you will also start some of them. My very best wishes to them and I want to explain to some people who think that work is small or big.

I hope you Bina Padhe Likhe Paise Kaise Kamaye The post would have helped a lot and you would have also come to know that Bina Padhe Kya Business Kare. If you like our post, then you can share it with your Friends & Relatives.

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