How many bighas in 1 Hectare?


1 Hectare Me Kitna Bigha Hota Hai1 Hectare Me Kitna Bigha Hota Hai

If someone asks you 1 Hectare Me Kitna Bigha Hota HaiThe Probably one in 100 would be such a person. Who can answer your question. That is why today we will tell you through this article that How much bigha is equal in a hectareTheAnd together we will also tell you that How many hectares in 1 bigha Occur. If you live in a rural area, you Bigha Must know about If you live in an urban area, it is probably very rare. you Bigha Be knowledgeable about.

Because to measure land in India Bigha The term is used a lot. If you also want to know How many hectares are in 1 bigha or else “1 Hectare Me Kitna Bigha Hota Hai ” . So you keep reading this article till the end.

By the way, let us tell you for your information that since people learned to run the Internet. Since then they do not have to wander around for any information. Because they get all kinds of information available on Google. However, if due to some reason, you have to face such a question. And there is no internet service available. So what will you do

Today we can easily find out in this article that How many hectares are in 1 bigha.

How many bighas in 1 Hectare?

Different methods are used to measure land in rural areas. Most of which measure land in rural areas of states Bigha The term is used.

If you want information about a bigha, then before this, it is very important to know about Biswa. In the rural areas of most states, one bigha contains 20 biswa. But at some places, there is confusion between people in Pakka Bigha and Kacha Bigha.

The pucca bigha has 20 biswa and the raw bigha has 10 biswa. If you want to know whether there is a raw bigha or pucca bigha in your area. So for this you can get information from your accountant. Now let us tell you-

How much bigha is there in a hectare.

  • If there is a firm bigha in your area. So this means that one bigha contains 20 biswa.
  • Because one hectare has 10000 square meters, and 1 bigha is 2530 square meters.
  • Because how much bigha do we have in 1 hectare. If it is to be removed, for this we will divide 2530 square meters in 10000 square meters. After that the answer that comes out will be one of our bighas.
  • How many bighas in one hectare = 10000/2530 = 3.95 bighas
  • That is why 4 bighas equal to one hectare is considered in the local language.

Note Here you must pay attention to one thing that if raw bigha runs in your area. And someone asks you how much bigha in 1 hectare. So here your answer will be changed. Because raw bigha contains 10 biswa. So therefore there will be about 8 bighas in a hectare here.

Bigha To Hectare’s List (By State)

State Understanding of Bigha (in square feet)
Assam 14,400 square feet
Bihar 27,220 square feet
Gujarat 17,424 square feet
Haryana 27,225 square feet
Himachal Pradesh 8,712 square feet
Jharkhand 27,211 square feet
Punjab 9,070 square feet
Rajasthan 1 pucca bigha – 27,225 square feet
1 raw bigha – 17,424 square feet
Madhya Pradesh 12,000 square feet
Uttarakhand 6,804 square feet
Uttar Pradesh 27,000 square feet
West Bengal 14,400 square feet

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The conclusion

Friends, we have given you this speculation How much bigha is there in a hectare We have given you information about this. After reading this article you must have understood very easily that 1 Hectare How much bigha do I have? And how many hectares in 1 bigha? Friends, if you still have any confusion, then you can definitely ask us by commenting. We will try our best to answer your question on another article as soon as possible.


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