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In the ’80s and ’90s, we collected CDs, DVDs, and Playstation game disks. Whoever had the tallest shelf full of these collectibles was hailed as the king of the tech revolution. You alphabetically sorted many of these collections, and a monetary value would always be a part of your bragging rights. 

As with all things, advanced technology quickly eradicated the need to pile up plastic on our shelves. With the launch of Steam in 2003, our libraries went online. Although Steam has been around for almost 20 years, it wasn’t until 2018 that you could put an accurate price on your collection. If you haven’t joined the digital gaming era yet, remember you can download Steam free for Android, Mac, and Windows.

What is Steam?

Steam is a cloud-based digital storefront for gamers created by Valve. Via your Steam community profile, you have direct and immediate access to the freshest games and updates as they launch. You also use Steam to interact with other players and keep up to date with the latest industry news. There are players with massive game collections on Steam that they’ve accumulated over many years. It’s like your old bookshelf filled with game disks, but it’s virtual.

How do I calculate the value of my Steam account?

If you’ve been collecting game titles for many years, it’s always good to know the value of your investment. Yes, we call it an investment as it has contributed to your emotional wellbeing over the years by providing hours of fun and joy.

Although you’re not legally allowed to sell your Steam account (after hours of reading the fine print, it’s sad to say: it is what it is), it’s still valuable to know how much you’ve spent and how much it’s worth in current times.

SteamDB offers a popular tool to use for calculating your Steam account’s value. It adds up all the games in your Steam community profile and calculates its ‘account worth’ by using each game’s current price. It’ll give you an estimated value in your local currency.

  1. Set your Steam profile to ‘Public.’
  2. Open a new window and visit by selecting ‘Sign in via Steam.’
  3. Select the blue ‘Sign in through Stream’ again.
  4. Select the green ‘Sign in’ button.
  5. View the block in the top R corner to find your actual Steam value (in green) and your current Steam value (in red.)

Another excellent tool is available to help you sort your Steam collection and keep a well-recorded inventory. If you want to look at alternatives for Steam, you can consider GOG Galaxy.


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