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We’ve all been bummed out at one time or another because we may not sell our Steam accounts. Maybe you needed some extra cash, and you’re sitting with a massive game collection worth thousands. Well, we’ve made peace with this fact and moved forward. Although you can’t sell your account, you’re more than able to share your games on Steam with family and friends. 

If your little brother has been on your case about a game you have, it’s time to practice the age-old saying: sharing is caring. So, get your family or friends to register personal Steam accounts on Android, Mac, or Windows now, and let the family games begin.

How to share my games on Steam?

Before you can allow other players to access your games library, you have to make a few quick setting changes on your account. Then, in a few clicks, your little brother can download whatever game of yours he wants directly from your collection. As easy as that.

  1. Click on ‘Settings’ in your Steam menu.
  2. In the ‘Account Tab,’ you must turn on ‘Steam Gaurd.’
  3. Now, log into your Steam account from the family member’s device.
  4. Click on the ‘Steam Menu’> ‘Settings.’
  5. Select the ‘Authorize library sharing on this device’ option.
  6. Log out of your Steam account on the device and let the owner sign in to their Steam account. Your game library will be available to them to play on.

Can I play a shared Steam game with other players?

The profound answer to this simple question is no. It’s crucial that you only share your Steam games with people close to you, preferably under the same roof. Steam doesn’t allow the same Steam library to be used on various devices simultaneously. We understand Valve’s reasoning for this decision. If we could share our game libraries with multiple people and all play together, nobody would be buying games anymore. So, choose your friends and family you want to share with wisely and take turns having fun.

Other gaming platforms like Steam?

Xbox Beta is another excellent gaming platform that offers interactive gaming with users from around the globe. Also, take a look at what GOG Galaxy provides you in organizing and accessing all your gaming platforms on one site.


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