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Friends, a lot of people in today’s time Intraday me paise kaise kamaye Want to know about Because by intraday trading you can earn more money in very less time. And nowadays a lot of people are making good money with intraday trading.

Intraday trading One type of stock market is investment. By the way, people feel that it takes a lot of time and patience to earn money in the stock market, but it does not happen everywhere. Now you can earn a lot of money in a few hours.

In today’s time, most people are making money from intraday trading, but for some people earning money from here can be a bit risky. Many people lose their thousands of millions of rupees by intraday trading without proper knowledge and research.

We will tell you in this post Intraday me paise kaise kamaye That too without losing money. We will discuss all the modern techniques and strategies of intraday trading in this post.

Intraday trading kya hai?

Intraday trading is a short-term way of investing money in the stock market where you can buy and sell any share in the stock market within a day.

Intraday trading is the purchase of any stock within a trading day and selling if the share price rises. In this, you have to sell the purchased shares within a few hours.

Always in intraday trading Profit No one can guarantee this because it depends on the market. We all know that the value of the stock always fluctuates, when the price of the stock increases, then the investors take out their profit and sell it.

Intraday trading is mostly done by those who are full time investors because in this you always have to keep an eye on your monitor.

The share price keeps on decreasing very rapidly and that is why you have to analyze the value of your purchased shares in a good way. In this, you just have to wait for the moment when the value of your stock suddenly increases.

However, in this, you also have to incur losses because of times the share price also decreases. That’s why you should know that Intraday trading kaise kare And what are its basics?

Intraday me paise kaise kamaye

Friends, to do any kind of intraday trading, first of all you have a demat account It is very important to have.

To open a demat account, you can register with any trading firm, just your firm should be genuine and authentic. You can open your account both offline and online.

Once a demat account is created, you have to buy and sell an available share in the market from the same account. There are 2 ways you can do intraday trading, in the first way you can buy and send shares by direct contact from any broker.

The second and best way would be to do intraday trading online yourself. However, before you start trading, you should know some basic but very important strategy of buying stocks. Only by choosing the right stop can you earn maximum profit.

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How to select the right stock in intraday?

Friends, if you want to earn more money in less time than intraday trading then you need to buy Perfect Stock. If you buy a stock that gives you good returns, then it can prove beneficial for you.

In the early days in intraday trading most people face many difficulties in choosing the right stock, but we are giving you some tips below that can help you choose the right stock.

1. Buy stocks with high liquidity

The most important thing of any stock liquidity It does happen. Liquidity tells us how much is being bought and sold in the stock market.

Investing in the stock that is bought and sold most often in the stock market is always considered safe. Investing in stocks where more people have money is always considered safe.

Whenever you go to buy a stock, definitely check its liquidity and market flow so that you can know which stock is so successful.

The liquidity of the stock which is in high demand in the stock market will be high. For example you Nifty 50 One can buy the stock because its liquidity is high.

2. Volatility

Friends, nature is constantly decreasing and increasing in any stock market is called volatility. In intraday trading you should buy stocks that are volatile. You will get your profit only when the stock price decreases and increases.

In today’s time, there are stocks available in many such stock markets which are absolutely inactive. You should not invest money in any stock which is not active and its nature is not volatile.

You always choose a stock which is going to be breakdown or has happened, you will not have a loss in these stocks.

3. Pay special attention to Trend.

Before investing money in any stock, first of all you should study its past performance properly so that you can know which side the trend of that perticular stock is.

You should always invest in a place where the performance of the stock has been good in the last few days. Although you may not always be reliable on past performance, sometimes the outcome turns completely upside down, but most of the time it goes according to the trend.

In Trend you should pay special attention to some things like Open Price, Close Price, Chart Pattern, Range, Indicator etc. When you do a good analysis of these subjects, then you are more likely to benefit from the stock market.

That is why whenever you trade in intraday then pay attention to these things. There is a saying in the stock market that is very famous.trend is your friend ” That is why you should also follow the trend.

4. Do not get confused about earning more.

Friends, as we have already told you that intraday trading is a few hours of trading where you buy a stock and sell it on the same day.

Many times it happens that we get more profit than the price we bought, but we wait to earn more money, and then the price of that share decreases and we have to bear the loss.

Therefore, the most important strategy of intraday trading should be that you do not delay in selling the stock after earning a fix profit. Withdraw your profit money and buy the stock in the other shares from the remaining money.

5. Ready to take risk

Friends, Share market There is a deep well which quenches your thirst but sometimes we may have to suffer some losses.

Before doing intraday trading, you have to be ready to bear any kind of risk. Because in this you may sometimes suffer loss. You should just keep minimizing that loss.

To avoid losing money, you should invest less money in the beginning and once you understand all the things in a good way, you can invest more money.

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Friends, Intraday trading is the most successful way to earn money from the stock market today. Here you can earn money in a very short time.

You do not have to wait too long to get a commission on your money. Although there are many chances of earning money here, but you should pay special attention to learning in the beginning.

We hope you find this post of ours Intraday me paise kaise kamaye Would have liked. If you liked this post, then definitely share it with your friends.

Thank You!

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