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Friends do you know that NGO kya hai And NGO se paise kaise kamaye? If you want to earn money by joining any NGO and doing social service, then you have to read this post completely.

By the way NGO The purpose of opening is to serve the society but for the last few years NGO has been giving employment to many people. Millions of people are making a lot of money by joining NGOs not only in India but all over the world.

In today’s time, opening an NGO is not just a matter of the rich. With good management, you can open your own NGO for less money. And can collect money in many ways.

Although this money is raised for social cause, the volunteer and owner are given some salary of the month.

To get complete information about NGO, you should read this post thoroughly, we will show you how to earn and collect money by joining NGO here.

NGO kya hai?

NGO has a full form Non government organization Which means NGO in Hindi. It is an organization in which the government has no role and intervention.

Here you can work according to your rules and rules. In NGO you can also collect money and funding with complete freedom.

NGOs are opened at every level, initially some money is required to make it stylish and when the NGO has become a good identity in the market then there are many types Donations Come.

In earlier times, big businessmen, bollywood celebs, entrepreneurs used to open NGOs but now it is not so. According to a survey, there are about 35 lakh registered active NGOs in India at present which are fully in working condition.

Highest NGO in India Maharashtra Is in Maharashtra at this time 4.5 lakhs More NGOs work. Telangana is second to Maharashtra. According to a survey, all the NGOs in India collect funding of about 70,000 crore rupees throughout the year.

What does NGO work for?

NGO is an organization formed by some people, which serves the society. There are some tasks which the government is unable to complete, for that some people come forward and serve by making NGOs.

The field of working of NGOs has increased considerably. And today the NGO is working in the work field given below.

In today’s time, there are many such works on which the NGO is serving. Thousands of thousands of people are working with it. NGO’s financial help is mainly in 2 ways which we will tell you further.

NGO se paise kaise kamaye?

Friends, by joining NGO where you serve people, you can also earn money from it. NGO gets a lot of donations as we told you above.

There are many organizations that raise funds for NGOs and also provide financial support. To earn money from an NGO, first of all you have to join with any NGO or you can also open your own NGO.

When you join an NGO, you are given a post according to your ability, where your salary is fixed. So friends, know that Sources con to make money from NGO is from con.

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Fast paise kaise kamaye

1. Government aids

The Government of India and the Government of many states give some assistance to NGOs. When you get government registration of your NGO, the government helps you financially after introspection of your work.

Government of India Social welfare ministry For this, a separate budget is also passed. This money given by the government depends on your work. If you are working at a higher level, then the government’s assistance will also be at a higher level.

However, not every NGO receives money from the government. But if you are working properly and following all the rules, then your NGO can also get money.

2. Funding and donations

Friends, the biggest source of collecting money of any NGO is Funding and Donations. Millions of people donate money to NGOs.

Something to donate to the NGO tax There is also relaxation, so many people donate their money to NGOs. Money in NGO comes not only from within the country but from all over the world.

When your NGO is known for its work on Internet and Social Media, then thousands of millions of people will want to join it. And all those people also donate a lot of money to the NGO.

Foreign funding There is also a huge source of raising money for NGOs. When money comes from countries like America and England, it is India’s Currency It becomes a great value.

That’s why funding from abroad is a very good tool for NGOs to earn money. Friends, in this way you can earn money by helping people.

NGO me job kaise paye?

To add to any NGO, first of all you must have some ability or degree. In India today, there are many colleges and universities that offer NGO related studies.

Delhi University, Large organisations like Jamia Millia offer NGO studies in their Campus. To earn money by joining any NGO, after 12th you have to do graduation and PG from any subject of social science.

Many such volunteer and management post recruitment in NGO Newspaper And keeps coming on the internet where you can apply.

You can earn from ₹ 10000 to several lakh rupees a month by adding all in NGO. This money depends on your selected course and Working Experiance.

Friends, if you open your own NGO, you are called its co-founder. In such a situation, you are responsible for all donations and funding. You are the owner of the money left after giving the service and as we told you, funding comes in millions of crores.

There are many opportunities available to earn money by joining NGO, just you have to take right step at right time.

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The first purpose of joining the NGO is that you can serve poor people and bring happiness on their face. Now the opportunities in this field have increased so much that you can earn money by working in it.

Making money from NGOs is not a wrong thing and it is completely legal as well. All the papers of the NGO’s funding order are to be kept well by you. You have to work on the guidelines given by the government.

And do not do anything that is illegal. You can also get a job in NGO on the basis of your studies and can earn a lot of money for the month.

Friends, hope you find this post of ours NGO se paise kaise kamaye would have liked. If you like this post of ours, then definitely share it with your friends.

Thank You!

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