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OTP Kya Hota Hai? Friends if you don’t know One Time Password – What is One Time Password? That means OTP! So stay with our writer, in this article today we are going to provide you complete information about one time password. We will tell you what is OTP? How does OTP work? And what benefits do we get from OTP? And where is it needed?

As you all know, digital things have come a lot in our lives. For which we have to use OTP to do transactions. This is a security code. And it comes once. Therefore it is called one time password. The issuance of a security code after issuing any detail is called OTP.

This OTP is used to perform a strong security. Which is in Owner’s hands. Like withdrawing money from Aadhar Card. He needs to verify his Finger Print. In the same way, OTP is kept to keep any online account safe.

Complete information of OTP Kya Hota Hai (One Time Password)

OTP is a type of security code. Especially when we have to pay. Used at that time. If you use your Facebook. Or log in to Google Account. Then you also have to use OTP – One Time Password to login.

What is OTP?What is OTP?

And this is a type of security code. Without putting it, you will not be able to do any work. This password only appears once. Therefore it is called one time password. It arrives at your registered mobile number in the form of sms. And is used for various work.

Why is OTP used?

As we said earlier this is a type of security code. Which comes on the registered mobile number of the user. With this, the customers’ account is completely safe and any person creates their account in any website. Or login to it. Then one One Time Password is required for this. This ensures that the person who is doing every job is the same.

And by doing all this, the hackers are protected. Nobody can steal our things. If another person tries to login to the account you have created. You will then receive an OTP. After which you can make it even more secure. With the same Online recharge, Ecommerce website, social account, banking details, personal details OTP is used exclusively to secure.

Advantages of OTP

Friends, if you want to know the benefits of OTP then you must read the following points below. You must have come to your mind that OTP just comes on our mobile. But what can we gain from this? If you do not know the advantage of One Time Password, then let us know what the benefits of OTP can be?

  1. The first advantage is that your account remains secure in it.
  2. One Time Password is used only once.
  3. OTP is valid for some time. Which cannot be used again.
  4. If OTP time runs out. Then OTP is of no use.
  5. Even if someone knows your account password, they will not be able to login to your account. Because it requires OTP. And that OTP will come in your mobile.
  6. OTP is also required while making payment.
  7. OTP is also required to recharge the mobile.
  8. Without OTP, no one can misuse your account.
  9. OTP is also required for online bank transactions.
  10. One Time Password is also required to create a new account.
  11. You can also use it for two-factor authentication.
  12. All your accounts can be secured using One Time Password.

Where are OTPs used?

We realized that there are many benefits of using OTP. And now we will know where the One Time Password is used. How are so many of us? Those who do not know where we can use OTP. So let’s know where OTP can be used.

OTP Kya Hota hai Hindi DetailsOTP Kya Hota hai Hindi Details
  1. Google Account like Gmail, Youtube, Gpay And others.
  2. OTP is used when doing net banking.
  3. Online transaction OTP is also used while doing it.
  4. E mail ID OTP is used when logged into another device.
  5. Account verification on google OTP is also used for
  6. The OTP is used on the Ecommerce website.
  7. Online shopping website But OTP is used.
  8. Digital wallets also use OTP in service delivery applications.
  9. OTP is used to secure the customer’s account of Paytm Freecharge Mobikwik etc.
  10. Facebook account OTP is also used for two-factor verification.
  11. Google Pay, PhonePe OTP is also used for creating an account of Adi.

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More about One Time Password

We know what is OTP? What are the advantages of OTP? Where is that also used? And now we will learn more about OTP, about the benefits of OTP, along with the advantages of OTP, its Advantage is also very many and it is a kind of double Security it happens.

Because of which we can secure any of our accounts. This facility is very convenient and is free. For this you do not need to provide any kind of fee. And One Time Password helps in proving the account as an original user after arrival.

This information about OTP, hope you liked our information. Keep visiting our website to know even more information. We put similar articles filled with information on our website. Do not forget to share friends. Thank you


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