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Friends you Online Photo kaise beche Do want to know. If you also like photography or photo removal, now you can earn a lot of money by selling your photos online.

Friends, a lot of people Photography Is fond of, and they also have all the information about photography how a high class photo is clicked. But all this is only for his hobby, because he could not make money from these photos.

Or they do not have any information about it. If you too photo sell karke paise kaise kamaye If you want to know, then you must read this article completely.

Online Photo kaise beche

Friends, lots of people photo dekh kar paise kaise kamaye Ask, but let us tell you that you cannot earn money in this way. For this, you have to take a photo and sell it online.

Friends, if you also take good photos or you have interest in photography and you want to earn money by selling your photos online, then we will give you some top photo selling websites About to tell you from where you can earn thousands of rupees.

Friends, if you are a professional photographer then you can earn a lot of money from it. But even if you do good photography on your mobile, you can still earn a lot of money from these sites.

For this you do not need to take a course of photography. You can also earn money by selling your original photos.

Friends, today there are many ways to earn money online on the Internet. But many of them are wrong or you get less money for your work.

Therefore you should use some trusted and real money earning platforms. How to earn money by selling image This is a very good way to earn money online.

1. Sutterstock

Friends, photo sell karke paise kamane Best and Popular website for Sutterstock Is only It is an American company with over 270 million stock photos available.

It is the best website in the world in terms of Stock Video, Photos and Graphics. There are new Stock Add around 250K daily. This website is used in 150 countries.

And on this, more than 650K Contributors i.e. photo add people have joined. Which provide daily high class photos, videos, vector content.

To sell photos on Friends Sutterstock, you have to join this site as a Contributor. For this, you must first sign up on this site.

After submitting your complete details, you can easily add your photos to it. The money earned in this is PayPal or Moneybookers You can transfer to your bank account through

2. Adobe Stock Image

Adobe stock Image is also a very famous image selling website where HD photos and royailty free images are bought and sold. On this website you also get 4k videos, 3D images and editorial template.

All the top businesses of the world buy images from this website. And all the good photographers sell their photos here. To sell photos on this website, you have to join as Adobe stock contributor.

After that your account will be verified after filling your details. Then you can add your images here. And after those images are sold, you get paid. And you can withdraw these money through PayPal.

3. iStockPhoto

istock photo Also online is a good website to earn money. Here you can do free registration. For that you will need some important documents.

After your account is created, you can add your photos to it. After your uploaded photos are sold, you get paid in some percentage of it. These money you PayPal Through your bank account you can transfer.

4. Alamy

Alamy This is a Stock Photography website, which was launched in 1999. This is a very trusted website where millions of photos are uploaded every day.

To earn money from Alamy, you must first register yourself as a Contributor. After that you will need mobile Clicked on to upload photos.

Then your images are approved by Alamy. If someone downloads your uploaded image, you get 40 to 50% of its price. The more photos you upload, the more money you will earn.

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5. Imagesbazaar

Imagebazaar is a very famous stock image site in India. To become a Contributor on Imagebazaar, you have to send your Samples to this Email Id [email protected] Will have to be sent

Or you can call 011-66545450 this number with your Portfolio or samples. You can sell your images only after being approved by them.

You will get 50% commission for every photo you sell on this website. you Imagebazaar But you can earn a lot of money by being a contributor.

6. 123RF

Friends are you too Photography se paise kaise kamaye Want to know if you 123RF Can take help of website. Here you can sell stock images, videos and audio.

To sell an image here, you have to create a Contribute account. You get 30 to 60% commission on your sold photos. If you upload less than 1 thousand photos on this site, you get 30% commission.

The more images you upload here, the more commission you will get. After 50 $ here, you paypal those money PayoneerCan be transferred to your bank account through Skrill.

7. 500px

Friends, 500px This website also gives you a lot of good money to sell photos online. This website also comes on top in photo selling. To sign up on this website, you first have to pay some money.

Then you can add your photos on this website. If you are a beginner and you have just started photography then we will not recommand you this website.

Upload your photos on the free websites you have in starting. Later you can earn good money by selling your photos by signing up on this website.

8. Dreamstime

For Photographers Dreamstime This is also a best photo selling website. Here you can upload stock photos, images, audios and videos.

Your images Jpeg Must be in format and have resolution above 3 mega pixel. You can upload images by creating your new account in it. Here you get 25 to 60% royality over every image sell.

How much commission you get in this depends on exclusive and non-exclusive images. That’s why it’s very good photo bechne ki website is.

9. Stocksy

Friends, if you are looking for a high commission image selling website, then Stocksy May prove to be a best option for you. Because you get 50 to 75 percent commission on stocksy.

After becoming a contributor on Stocksy, you can sell your images here. Friends, you just have to edit and upload the images a bit.

If you are also thinking that photo editing se paise kaise kamaye So you can use this site. With the help of PayPal, you can transfer the money earned on it to your bank account.

10. Crestock

Friends, Crestock This is also a famous website to earn money by selling photos. All you have to do is go to its website and create an account. And then upload your best quality images.

Then crestock will review your uploaded photos. If your images are unique then crestock will make your image available for sell by placing a price tag on your image. After selling each photo, you get 30 to 40 percent of it.

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Friends, now you also this article Online photo kaise beche With the help of, you can sell your photos and earn good money.

If you are thinking of selling photos online, then you must make your account on all these sites. With which you will get income from all the sites and you will earn a good amount.

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