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Friends too do you garmi me konsa business kare Want to know As we all know that the summer season is about to start and many people want to start some business this summer which will give them less investment Make more profit in

Garmi me konsa Business kare

Friends, there are many such people, who earn lakhs of rupees just by doing seasonal business. And they earn the most in the summer season.

In such a way if you too summer season business ideas Want to know about, which will make you a good profit this season, then you have all come to the right page. Because today we summer season We are going to tell you step by step about some of the business ideas that can be started, so let’s start – = –

1. Business of Fruit Juice

Friends, by the way fruit juice business can be started in any season. But it is more beneficial to start this business in the summer season.

Because in the summer season when people go out for shopping or shopping or any other work, it is natural that people feel thirsty and many people go towards fruit juice only by not buying cold drinks.

Doctors also advise people to drink fruit juice instead of harmful cold drinks. Because fruit juices provide instant energy to our body, which is very beneficial for health.

if you Sugar cane That is, if you do business of sugarcane juice, then you can earn a very good profit from it. So keeping all these reasons in mind, you can start fruit juice business in this summer season.

2. Pottery Business

Friends, the business of pottery ie matka, jug, etc. can be quite beneficial during the summer season. Even today, there are many people who do not like to drink water from the fridge, they prefer to drink only water from the pot because the water of the pot is considered more refreshing and good for health.

Pottery made of clay is also very good in appearance and the water stored in it is beneficial for health. If you come to make pot, you can earn good profits from it.

And if you do not come to make pottery or any other utensil, you can still make them from someone else and sell them for profit. You can also earn profits by selling jugs, lamps, clay piglets, toys, etc. with clay pots.

3. Air cooler business

Friends, if you are thinking of doing a profit business this summer season, then Air cooler You can do business of In the summer of cooler and fan, all people have a common need.

Nobody would like to live without a cooler or fan in this severe heat. So if you want to start a good business in which there is more profit in this summer season, then you can start a cooler and fan business.

If you have a little more investment, then you can also sell air conditioner and refrigerator. With this, people will get all the goods they need from one place. You can also call it the business of electronics.

If you want to earn more profit in this business, you can sell home made cooler in your shop or showroom. Which you can make by bringing material at home, and you can earn a very good profit.

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4. Ice cream business

Friends, it is the summer season and there is no talk of ice cream. In summer, ice cream is liked by almost everyone and especially children cannot eat without hearing the name of ice cream.

Many people like to eat ice cream in every season. But if you get cold and cold ice cream in the summer season, it is fun. So starting the business of ice cream this summer season can prove to be a profitable deal. You can do ice cream business in two ways-

First, you can start your business as a distributer of a large ice cream company. But we can call it a job more than business.

Second, you can start a business of homemade ice cream or kulfi in which you can sell flavored kulfi or ice cream according to your wish.

5. Cotton clothing business

Friends, no one is fond of wearing heavy clothes in the scorching heat. In such a situation, people prefer to wear light-weight and cotton clothes, which are very cheap and light clothes.

So this summer you can start a retail business of cotton clothes. In which you can sell cotton clothes for everyone from elders to children.

If you buy and sell clothes from outside at wholesale rate, then you can get very good profit in this business. The business of clothes is such a business that runs for a whole year, then you can go with this option.

6. Sunglasses business

Friends, during the summer holidays people often go out for a walk, whether they go to the beach, to see a historical building or go on a foreign trip, they carry at least one sunglasses and a hat, so that while walking. They should be protected from the sun.

So in this summer season you can open sunglasses and hat shop. But if you want to make a profit in this business, then you open your shop in a place where visitors start coming. In such a situation, the more visitors there, the more your business will run.

7. umbrellas business

Umbrellas are one of the most important things to use during the summer season. If we go out of the market to buy goods or any other work, then we never forget to carry a hat or umbrella. And especially where only the head can be covered by the cap, the umbrella gives shade to the whole body.

Friends, in such a situation, starting an umbrella business can be a very good option. You can keep umbrellas for both summer and rainy days at your shop. You can also keep different umbrellas for everyone like colorful umbrellas for children and simple umbrellas for growing. This will add to your business, and your business will run throughout the year.

8. Water ATM Business

Friends, the thing that is needed most in the summer is water. We have all heard that water is life, but its real meaning is revealed in the summer season. If someone feels thirsty in the summer, then he will think about saving his life by drinking water first, not thinking about any cold drink or juice.

So in the summer season if you have a Water ATM If you start your business by applying, you can earn a lot of profits. Nowadays due to increasing diseases, everybody wants to drink clean water. Because of this, this business can run in any season.

The way of working of Water ATM is quite simple, people can buy 1 liter, 2 liter or 3 liter etc. of water according to their need by putting coin in it.

9. Ice selling business

Friends, in summer, the thing that is needed most is snow. Everyone needs ice from fruit juice to ice cream maker. You can start this business with very low investment.

For this, you will have to contact a factory which will give you a supply of ice. Then you have to tie up with fruit juices, ice cream and shopkeepers and supply them with a supply of ice from the factory.

You will need a car to supply ice. You can easily earn 20 to 30 thousand rupees by taking ice from the factory and supplying it to these shopkeepers.

10. Water Tourism Business

The best business to earn money during the summer season is water tourism. If you live near a river, big pond, lake or sea, then you Water tourism Can do business of The state government is also helping to start the business of tourism.

Friends, in this business you can offer services like motor boats, cruise, house boat or water sports. For this, you have to apply for a license from Government.

Third party for a tourist before getting a license Insurance Doing is compulsory. Friends, in starting you take a motor boat and 6 seater speed boat, then for this you can spend up to 5 lakh rupees.

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