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Friends are you too 2 se 5 lakh me konsa business kare Want to know about So today we are going to give you complete information about the business to be started by investing money from 1 lakh to 10 lakh.

Today everyone business Wants to earn more money by doing. Because we all know that by doing the job, we can only fulfill our needs. If you want to fulfill all your dreams, then you should do business.

Before starting any business, you should know about it and there should be a lot of money to invest.

2 Se 5 lakh me konsa business kare

Friends, if you want to do business and you want to invest 2 to 5 lakh rupees, then today we are going to tell you about the business starting in 2 to 5 rupees.

Friends, to start any business, it costs you money. But to be successful in business, he should work with full skill and dedication. It takes more effort to do your own business.

1. Agarbatti Making Business

Friends, if you want to do a good profitable business, then you can think about Agarbatti Making business. Because in this business you get a very good profit. Agarbatti is used daily in almost every temple and house in India, hence its demand is always there.

You can start this business by investing 2 se 5 lakh rupees. In this you have an automatic Agarbatti making machine Has to be taken. The price of which depends on its production rate. You can take this machine from 750000 to 2 lakhs.

Apart from this, you will need some raw material to make incense sticks. And it will also take a shop to have the machine. You can start this business from your home also.

2. Disposable Cup and Plate making business

Friends, Disposable cup and plate making business This is a very good and highly profitable business. And there is also a need for the environment of this business, because it will reduce plastic significantly.

Anyway, the government has stopped using plastic. Therefore, there is a lot of opportunity in this business. Nowadays all functions like birthdays, wedding people are called to eat and drink.

There is more demand for such disposable plate and cup. You can spend up to 5 lakhs to start this business. Because in this also you have to take machine to make disposable cup and plate.

3. Vehicle Washing Center

Friends, if you are thinking of doing something simple and not very mindful of doing business, then vehicle washing center is a very good business.

In today’s time almost everyone has some vehicle, whether it is 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler. And it is very important to wash it too. If you start it at a good place on the road side, you can get a lot of benefit.

To start this business you need a Vehicle Washing machine and a shop. And some people have to be hired to do the washing. In this you will get up to 5 lakhs investment May have to do. If you are also thinking that 5 lakh me konsa business kare So you can do this business.

4. DJ Sound Service

Friends, DJ is very much in demand today. Because in every wedding procession and party, people hire DJs for enjoyment. If you also start the business of DJ Sound service, then you can earn a lot of money from it.

DJs make a lot of money during weddings. Anyway, nowadays no function is complete without noise, music and DJ. Therefore, you can earn good money by investing one time in this business.

If you ask us 2 lakh me konsa business kare If asked, we would like to advise you to start a DJ sound service business.

5. Tea Stall, Snack Stall and Fruit Juice Stall

Friends, this business is the most popular business starting within 1 lakh. And we all do not even need to get more information about this business.

To start this business, you have to select a correct place. You can rent a place if you want. Any business related to drinking and eating friends always runs. In this, you get benefit all the time.

If you also have 1 lakh rupees and you 1 lakh me konsa business kare Thinking, then it can prove to be a very good business for you.

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6. Tiffin Distribution Service

Friends, you can start this business with very low investment. To start this business you must have Basic Kitchen Facilities.

Along with this, you get Tiffin Boxes, Serving Equipments, Utensils And tools like table cloth are needed. With these few things you can start your own Tiffin business.

For this you can spend more than 1 to 1.5 lakhs. Once your business is set, after that you always get the benefit.

7. Toys Manufacturing Business

Friends, if you are thinking of doing a high investment business, or you 10 lakh me konsa business kare If you want to know, then you can start toys manufacturing business.

It takes more money to start this business, but the return is equally high. Today’s demand for new and innovative toys remains high. And young children are crazy for toys. Every child to play Toys It seems.

So if you start toys manufacturing business, you can earn a lot of money from it.

8. Bandage Manufacturing Business

Friends, bandage is used daily in every hospital. And medical store But also its demand remains very much. We also get a little indentation, so we immediately take the bandage from medical.

So if you start a bandage manufacturing business, you can get a lot of profit from it. To start this business you have to invest more.

You can spend up to 10 lakhs. But after your business plant is fully set, you also get more benefit.

9. Solar Business

Due to the increasing population, the demand for energy has increased considerably and its sources are also increasing. In such Solar energy A very good energy source has been made for people.

If you also want to do a business in this field, then you can connect with Loomsolar. In this, you can make income from 30 thousand to 1 lakh with an investment of only 1 thousand rupees.

You can do Earning in 3 ways by connecting with Loomsolar. In which you can do business by becoming Dealer, Distrubuter and Solar Installer. For more information about this, you can visit their website Loomsolar.com You can register by going to

10. Clothing business

Friends, Clothing business is a money making business. If anything is the second most important of our needs, then it is clothes. Therefore its demand is always in the market.

You have to invest a little for this. But once customers start coming to you, then you can earn a lot of money from it. You have a lot more in clothes business profit margin. And this business continues in every season.

In the clothing business you get a lot of business ideas. In it you can do any business like Organic cloths, Costume on rent, Tailoring business, Online Cloth store, T-Shirts Printing business, Jeans manufacturing business, etc.

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Apne Business ko Online kaise kare complete information


Friends, with the help of this article you must have realized that 2 se 5 lakh me konsa business kare. To be successful in any business, you must have knowledge about it along with money.

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