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Friends by the way dream11 You must have heard the name. But not many people are fully aware of this. So today we will tell you in full details Dream11 kya hai? And Dream11 se paise kaise kamaye?

Friends, most of cricket fans are in India only. that Cricket Watching and playing. If you also watch cricket match or IPL, then you must have seen the advertisement of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s dream11 in the middle.

Dream11 was launched in 2016. From today onwards, there are many such applications on which you can earn money by forming your own team. But Dream11 is the most popular and trusted App out of it. It has also been approved by the government.

What is dream11?

Friends, Dream11 is this mobile application, in which you can win money by using your sports knowledge. In this app you can play games like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey and kabaddi etc.

But Dream11 is most famous for cricket itself. Because India People have good knowledge about cricket only. Here, people celebrate IPL like a big festival.

Dream 11 The app is most commonly used during the IPL season. Because of this people earn a lot of money in IPL. So friends, if you also have a little knowledge of cricket, then you can play by playing your team on dream11.

While making a team, you have to select only 11 players out of 22 players from both the playing teams. And if your selected players perform well, you can win millions of rupees.

Dream11 par Account kaise khole

Friends, creating an account on dream11 is very easy. Nevertheless, we will tell you the entire process of registering on dream11 step by step.

1. Guys, first of all you need Dream11 App mobile Have to install in This app will give you Play store But will not get You have to download it from its official website. Or you can download it from the link given below.

2. When you download and open this app, you will see the option of Register in front of you. Invited by a friend in the left corner just below this? The Enter Code option will appear. You have to click on it.

Dream 11 App

3. Then a new page will open in front of you. In which you have to register.

Enter invite code: Here you AMOLWA340QR This code has to be entered. Which gives you RS. A bonus cash of 100 will be received. Which you can use to play matches.

Mobile Number: Here you have to enter your mobile no.

Email Id: Whatever your Email You will have to fill it here.

Password: In this, you have to set your password of 8 characters. In which you have to use 1 number, 1 alphabet and 1 symbol.

dream 11 registration

After filling all the information, you have to click on the option of REGISTER in the last. Then an OTP will come on your mobile no, which will fill up your account on Dream11.

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How to play Dream11?

Friends, your account has been created on Dream11, but now such questions must have come in your mind as to how to play matches. So let’s know that Dream11 me team kaise banaye.

1. As soon as you open the dream11 app, a full list of upcoming matches will be opened in front of you.

Dream 11 kaise khele

2. Click on any match you want to play. On the next page you will see all the contests of that match. On the same page, below you will see create team an option, you have to click on it. And to make our dream11 team.

Kya Dream11 Sahi hai

3. You have to select 1 wicket keeper, 3-5 Batsman, 1-3 Allrounder and 11 players out of 3-5 Bowlers in your team. For this, you are given 100 points. Every player is also given a few points. You have to make a good and balance team by managing your 100 points equally.

Dream me point kaise milte hai

4. After your team is selected, you have to select one of them as Captain and the other as Vice Captain. You can also see a preview of your team after it is selected.

5. After this, a lot of contest will be seen in front of you. Their price is also written on that contest. Click on the price you want to join the contest.

6. Friends, now as soon as the match starts, your rank increase or decrease depending on the performance of the players you have selected. You can see your team’s ranking on dream11 while the match is on.

If you are playing on dream11 for the first time, then you can also join a practice contest in the beginning. Which you can join for absolutely free.

How to win Dream11?

1. Friends, it is not as easy as in Dream11. For this, you have to make the best team. Your win depends on the performance of your selected players.

2. When making a team on Dream11, you should have complete knowledge about the match. You must check the past performance of any player you are choosing in your team.

3. Before making the team, it must be checked whether the player is going to play in today’s match or not. After Toss of Match, check your team. Or Toss who teamed up on their own.

4. To win in Dream11, you have to select the captain and the vice captain correctly. Because they only have more points.

5. If you are putting a team in the grand league, then you have to put more than one team. Only then your chances of winning will increase.

6. Friends, before you make the dream11 team Youtube, cricket websites and telegram Do check the match information on the groups. This will help you to do prediction.

How do you find points in Dream 11?

Friends, Dream11 has different points system for every type of match. Meaning different in T20, different in ODI and Test match. We will only talk about T20 cricket points here. Because this points system IPL It is also used in

Batting Points:

1. Friends, if Batsman makes a run, he gets 1 point. 1 run = +1 point

2. When Batsman hits Boundary, he gets +1 point and when Six hits, he gets +2 points.

3. If a batsman performs 50 runs or fifty, then he gets +8 points. And on getting century, you get 16 points.

4. If a batsman is out at zero, then he gets -2 point.

Bowling Points:

1. If a bowler takes a wicket, he gets + 25 points. If the bowler bowled someone out or LBW out, he gets a bonus of extra +8 points.

2. If a bowler takes 3 wicket, he gets +4 points.

3. Bowler gets +12 points by putting Maiden Over.

Fielding Points:

1. If a fielder catches a catch, he gets + 8 points of a catch. If someone takes 3 catches, he gets an extra +4 points bonus.

2. Keeper gets +12 points on stumping.

3. If a fielder runs out (direct hit) to a batsman, he gets +6 points.

Captain aur Vice Captain points:

1. Friends, whichever captain you select, his points double, ie multiply by 2.

2. The same vice captain’s points are multiplied by 1.5.

Apart from this, the bowler also gets extra points for good economy rate. And batsman for good strike rate.

Kya Dream11 Sahi hai?

Friends, this question must have come in the minds of a lot of people that kya dream11 fake hai hindi me. So let us tell you that dream11 is absolutely safe. This India is the best Fantasy game. Dream11 has partnered with ICC’s fantasy league in 2018. In 2018 itself, Dream11 chose Mahendra Singh Dhoni as its brand ambassador.

Users who get Dream11 get money in lakhs. And you can easily put those money in your paytm Or transfer to bank account.

Friends, you can also earn money by sharing Dream11 to your friends. You get 100 rupees bonus for inviting a friend.

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Friends, if you too have interest in watching and playing cricket matches and you are updated with the cricket world, then you can win millions of rupees by making your dream11 team.
But friends, we will definitely tell you to be a little careful, because you may also get addicted to it. Therefore, only if you have complete knowledge of cricket, you put money in it.

If you find this article of ours dream11 kya hai? If you like it, then share it.

Thank You!

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